Appendix D: National and Regional Data Sources

Data Source Name

Example Data Elements


Web Address[1]

New Mexico Indicator-Based Information System (NM-IBIS)

  • Health Status
  • Demographics
  • Risk Factors
  • Healthcare Services

State (NM), County

New Mexico Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT)

  • Environment-related health conditions, such as asthma, heat stress, mineral poisoning
  • Air Quality
  • Water Quality
  • Climate & Weather

State (NM), County

United States (U.S.) Census Data


  • Population
  • Demographics
  • Housing
  • Education Levels
  • Income & Poverty
  • Employment & Businesses

National, State, County

Basic Data Search:


Advanced-Data Search:

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), from the CDC

  • Demographics
  • Risk Factors (Behavioral)

National, State, County, or City (selected)


Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)-FQHCs and Look-Alikes


  • Age & Race/Ethnicity
  • Patient Characteristics
  • Services
  • Clinical Data
  • Cost Data

National, State, Clinic

Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey (YRBSS)-Adolescent & School Health


  • Safety Risk Behaviors
  • Alcohol & Cigarette Use (includes vaping)
  • Substance Use
  • Sexual Behavior
  • Weight & Nutrition
  • Physical Activity

National, State (comparison)

Youth Risk & Resiliency Survey (YRRS) NM-Specific Adolescent & School Health

  • Resiliency Factors
  • Alcohol, Drugs & Tobacco
  • Nutrition & Physical Activity
  • Mental Health
  • Sexual Behaviors
  • Injury

National (comparison), State, County

Reports & Newsletters:


Select Data & Run Reports:

New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) Needs Assessment, June 2018

  • Title I-C Migrant Education Program

State, County

New Mexico Legislature

  • Legislators Names & Districts
  • Committees & Members
  • Legislative Publications
  • Text of Bills


National Mental Health Services Survey (NMHSS)

  • Mental Health Treatment Facilities Characteristics
  • Client Counts in 24-hour Care
  • Facilities by State & Census Region

National, State

National Survey on Drug Use & Health (NSDUH)

  • Illicit Drug Use (Past Month)
  • Perceptions of Risk from Using Substances
  • Alcohol Use (Binge & Casual)
  • Tobacco Product Use
  • Substance Use Disorder Diagnoses
  • Mental Illness
  • Suicidal Behaviors

National, State

Appendix D features data sources from New Mexico. We recommend that clinics compile and update data sources relevant to the communities and states they serve. 

[1] The access date for all data sources is April 2021.