Getting Implementers to Do What They Agreed to Do

It often happens that competing demands get in the way of Implementation Team members and other clinic personnel following through with activities they have signed up to do, especially given the hustle and bustle in primary care clinics. Consider gentle reminders (like memos about what the team is working on together and why it is important to the clinic and its patients; how the activities tie into the overall effort which will improve patient health and well-being) to get colleagues who commit to undertaking specific tasks to complete them in a timely fashion. To this end, a team member can periodically check in with everyone about how they are doing and what assistance they may need to meet deadlines. To make sure everyone is on the same page, share the Action Plans with all persons identified on them. At the regular staff or group meetings where the organizational change initiative is likely to be discussed, ask colleagues to report on the status of the activities they have set out to accomplish and provide feedback into troubleshooting any challenges that they might be encountering. It is imperative to identify and acknowledge successes and build morale among those involved in the organizational change effort to keep colleagues engaged in carrying out Action Plans!1