Overview of the Content of the Toolkit

The planning resources in this toolkit will make the prospect of organizational change less overwhelming to clinic providers and staff. The resources include step-by-step guidance for determining what types of policies and practices will benefit the clinic’s clientele and how to implement these innovations:

Developing an Implementation Team: Identify the role and structure for key stakeholders who will lead and sustain organizational change.

Engaging SGM Patients in Meaningful Ways: Offer ideas and strategies for involving SGM community members in organizational change processes.

Advancing a Patient-Centered Perspective that Accounts for Diversity: Focus on using a patient-centered approach that considers how multiple forms of discrimination and marginalization may “intersect” to shape each patient’s unique experiences, needs, and abilities.

Cultivating Organizational Leadership, Champions, and Staff Support for Organizational Change: Describe strategies to build support at all clinic levels for organizational change.

Planning and Implementing Organizational Change for SGM Health: Provide an overview of organizational change processes and structured methods for implementing them.

Applying Implementation Strategies to Organizational Change: Give insight into the “how-to” of making change at provider, clinic, organizational, and system levels to accelerate the adoption of new policies and practices.

Developing Action Plans to Promote Successful Organizational Change: Share strategies for creating blueprints that break down an organizational change initiative into discrete and doable action steps based on specific goals and objectives.

Recommendations to Increase Healthcare Access and Quality for SGM Patients: Review key category recommendations to enhance clinic environments and healthcare practices for SGM people.