Conducting Meetings and Maintaining Minutes

The Implementation Team should designate a member to circulate reminders and agendas in advance of its meetings. The agenda should delineate the topics to be addressed and does not need to be long or overly detailed. The team should assign the roles of meeting chair or facilitator, timekeeper, and notetaker. The notetaker maintains notes of the topics discussed, including progress, outcomes, and agreements. The minutes should include a description of action items to complete before the next meeting, including persons responsible and target dates. The entire discussion does not need to be documented. Notetaking should instead focus on critical points, agreements made, and next steps. The minutes should be distributed on a timely basis with clinic leadership, providers, and staff to keep them informed of the team’s efforts. Template 2.2 (Appendix A) offers a sample format for compiling minutes.

TEMPLATE 2.2 Implementation Team Meeting Minutes

Initiative Name

Creating a welcoming environment




Break room

Start Time

12:00 pm


Virgie H.

End Time

12:45 pm


David B., Twila B., Jason D., and José R.

Agenda Items

Safe Zone, waiting area décor, gender-neutral restrooms

Key Points Discussed


Agenda Item/Topic

Discussion Notes

(e.g., Progress/Outcomes/Agreements)


Safe Zone

Because some staff have expressed interest in posting Safe Zone stickers on their office doors, David B. conducted Internet searches and contacted a local advocacy organization to learn about what is involved in doing so. He learned that any staff who wishes to post the sticker must receive appropriate training, which is offered by the local advocacy organization. He will check in with all staff to gauge their interest in organizing a Safe Zone training at the clinic.


Waiting area décor

Twila B. provided samples of SGM-positive posters and wall hangings for the waiting area. The Implementation Team selected two items to purchase and post. Twila B. intends to do so within the next week.  


Gender-neutral restrooms 

José R. compiled an inventory of all restrooms available to patients and has suggested that because the ones in the waiting area are single-stall, they readily can be made gender-inclusive. He will work with Jason D. to finalize a proposal to the clinic’s Chief Executive Officer to gain permission for the change. They will include a plan to train staff to handle patient questions and concerns about the presence of gender-neutral restrooms.

Tracking Action Plan Progress


Action Item(s)

Responsible Party

Target Date


Send an internal email to staff to confirm their interest in participating in Safe Zone training. Contact the local advocacy organization about possible training dates.

David B.



Post new wall hangings in the waiting area.

Twila B.



Finalize and submit a proposal to Chief Executive Officer.

José R and Jason D.


Next Meeting




Break room

Agenda Items

Selecting and ordering SGM-friendly magazines for waiting area; Safe Zone training; status of the proposal to institute gender-neutral restrooms; professional development for providers and staff.