2. Implementation Teams

Chapter Summary

An Implementation Team can play a vital role in facilitating the uptake of new policies and practices in a primary care setting.

The first step in creating an Implementation Team is to recruit a leader and 4-6 providers, staff, and patients interested in making services better for SGM people at the clinic.

The Implementation Team should reach out to and consult with others in the clinic’s community who might have particular knowledge and skills for getting new policies and practices in place.

The Implementation Team aims to “get things done” by meeting regularly (e.g., monthly). As part of its efforts, the Implementation Team analyzes the strengths and limitations of current policies and practices related to SGM care, develops Action Plans or basic “blueprints” to build on them, and cultivates support among providers and staff for needed organizational change.

Included in this Chapter: An overview of an Implementation Team’s structure and responsibilities and templates for documenting member roles and taking notes at meetings.