Including a Focus on SGM People in Health and Healthcare Quality Improvement Efforts

Asking direct questions during quality improvement assessments is an excellent way to collect Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SO/GI) data from patients. Personal interviews provide insight into SGM patient needs related to communication, health assessment information, referrals, satisfaction with services, and more. By collecting SO/GI data from all patients, the clinic can more effectively begin to reduce social stigma, normalizing questions related to sexuality and gender identity for all patients, while also sending a clear message that the clinic’s services are intended to be affirming and responsive to the needs of SGM patients. These data will also make it possible for clinic stakeholders to monitor the quality of care for SGM patients and identify disparities in health outcomes and services. Furthermore, they will assist providers, staff, and administrators in determining if tailored interventions are needed.3 You can learn more about the importance of SO/GI data and how to collect it in Chapter 9.